Terms Of Use

The Agreement:

All the services and utilities that are served by this website are offered by Learning and Solutions solely (referred as “owner” hereinafter) and the subject of this Terms and Condition (which will be referred as “Terms of Service”)as it must be noted. These Terms of Service rules the entire platform of Learning and Solutions (the “website”), the contents, pages,and services offered by this Website (“Services”).

Visiting our Website whether directly or indirectly (hyperlink), or availing services from our Website will make you our “Service Receiver” and your all actions on this platform will be governed by the policies of the Website. Our Terms of Service binds each and everyone who is involved with this Website by any means of actions or service utilization, buyers, browsers/visitors, vendors, merchants, content contributors.

  1. Definitions

    Each and everyone who is related to this website and is mentioned in this Terms of Serviceis defined and elaborated below;

    • Owner- The Owner is referred to Learning and Solutions who is the operator, publisher and the creator of this platform which offers different services through this platform. The words likeUs, We, Our, is used to signify the Owner i.e. Learning and Solution of this Website. Also, Ours and other pronouns in first-person terms will signify the Owner.

    • You, Browser, Service User, the Client: YYou or the user of services from this Website or Visitors or Browsers of this Website is addressed under this Terms of Services using Second Person pronouns like You, Yours, Your, or as a User, Client, Visitor, Browser.

    • Parties: Different group of people who is related to this Website is termed as Parties under this Terms of Service, like, Owner, You and other Third Entities.

  2. Acceptance and Assent

    Once You have visited the Website and have read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy it is deemed that You have agreed to act complying by our terms. In case You do not agree to comply by these laid down Terms of Use by Us, then You can immediately leave this platform. Once you accept these Terms of Service the Owner will also serve You completely according to theTerms of Service. At any point in accordance to the Services used or availed by the User the Terms and Conditions will apply according to the particular Service feature and this will apply in acceptance of the fact that the User and the Owner has a mutual agreement.

    Operating this Website is a choice of yours and has nothing to do with us. In the same way, you must remember that we do not commit to a screening of any sort of visitors/browser/ service users when they create accounts on our Website. Thus, any sort of communication with other Users through our Website does not make us liable and is completely your discretion. Also, becoming our Users you agree to use our services with lawful intentions and not involve in any illegal activities by violating our Terms and Conditions.

    This is a platform which offers E-Lecture services to You. And, it is simply on our discretion the service will be made available or unavailable to You

  3. Using License by the Website

    When You avail services from this Website, our assistance to You is not limited to data, information, documentation that is published by the Owner and there are other materials through which we help you which is known as “Owner Materials”. The Owner inthis respect does not give you exclusive permission or do not provide the User with the right to transfer and makes sure that the license is revocable for the Owner Materials that you avail from our Website. These materials of the Owner should not be used for any untoward purposes other than the main purpose and also once the purpose is served by the service the limited right ceases to exist.

    By agreeing with our Terms of Use you come to terms that in no way you will gather other Users information and also will not download and access any materials by adopting unsolicited ways in order to contact directly with the other Users.

    It is also deemed that You will not act unauthorized and your actions on the Website will be in accordance with the permission granted to You by us. Also, at any point, You will not bypass the measures implemented by the Owner in order to impose on the utility of the Website.

  4. Intellectual Property

    By accepting the Term of Use of Learning and Solution You agree to the fact that all the services, materials, contents, documents, files on the Website are the property of the Owner solely. This includes copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and other intellectual property or; (“Owner IP”). When You agree by the Terms of Use You also agree that all the Owner Property’s title, interest, right in and to the Owner IP belongs solely to the Owner. You give consent that You under no circumstances will use the Owner IP for any untoward illegal activities. By illegal activities, it means that You will not re-publish, distribute, copy, and modify the Owner IP i.e. the trademarks, services, trade name, Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), marks, byany unlawful way which includes, via registration, electronically without any kind of prior written permission from the Owner.

    To use the Services and other limited facilities offered on the Website of Learning and Solution You pay the Owner a royalty- fee which is non-exclusive, and which is worldwide license to use, broadcast, display, transmit, utilise, copy, or make available the Website, your content derivative works by publishing your content, or uploading it (“Your Content”). The Owner does not claim any percent of Your Content as the Owner’s property.

  5. User Obligations

    You being the Website User or the Service Receiver, You are requested to register with our Website and create an account of yourself on our Website. You register yourself with us You will select a user identifier through which the Website will identify You, this includes your email id or the user password. Also, You may be required to share more information about you which is not limited to your name. You must always provide correct and authentic information about yourself on our Website which is your responsibility. Proper identifying information will enable to utilize the Website and availing services. It is completely your responsibility to not share any information about your user identify with any third party. In face of such untoward instances, it is agreed under this Terms of Use to notify us about the similar immediately with a written document where the email will suffice. It is also your responsibility to keep us updated with your identifying information in case of any sudden changes.You must provide us withaccurate billing information i.e. credit card information, the address of billing, and other payment-related information and also must be equally cautious and not share the information.At any point, if it is found that You have not provided the right and accurate information to us then it will immediately lead to terminating your User right for the Website, Services, Contents, Materials, and the rights under Terms of Services. The Owner has all the right to reject service to You and terminate your account on this Website or remove or delete or modify the content with its sole opinion.

    You use our Website and register yourself for any paid services or for buying any services You agree to pay Us with a specific and appropriate monetary value for any paid services that You avail without failing. These charges which you pay for any paid serviceis termed as (“Fees”) it will be elaborated to You when you first register with us. The payment value thatYou need to settle will be notified to you prior to the purchase. On-going service payment is billed automatically unless You terminate the order.

  6. Acceptable use

    By agreeing to our Terms of Use it granted that you comply with the terms and agree to use the Website with lawful intentions and purpose and not violate the sanctity of the Website with unlawful activities. Also, you agree not to use the services or the Website to damage it.

    • Further, you agree not to use the Website or our Services;

      • To harm others, or abuse or harass others or for violating the legal rights of other persons;

      • To violate the Owners rights and intellectual property of the owner and any third parties;

      • To harm or damage the devices or Website or others property by uploading a virus or other destructivesoftware;

      • To commit any kind of frauds;

      • To involve in illegal gambling, pyramid scheme, sweepstakes;

      • To publish or distribute defamatory or obscene materials;

      • To publish contents which evoke discrimination, violence, hatred towards any parties;

      • To gather information in unlawful ways;

      You are not allowed to use the Website and its contents and its materials;

      • For illegal purpose

      • For soliciting others in order to perform any kind of illegal activities;

      • To violate copyrights and infringe on other parties intellectual property;

      • To violate local, international, global, ordinance, statute, regulation;

      • To abuse, harass, harm, disparage, intimidate, slander, discriminate or insult on the basis of sexual orientation, religion, race, age, ethnicity, disability, gender, national origin;

      • To submit, upload or provide any kind of misleading or wrong or false information or materials or contents that is defamatory in nature, threatening, harassing, abusive, obscene, indecent, illegal, loud, pornographic, foul, lascivious or exploiting minors, assisting in human trafficking or for violating public laws and violate private laws or any kind of legal framework

      • To distribute, spread, transmit viruses or harmful codes that will damage the service operation and functionality of any websites that are related, other external websites or the Internet itself

      • To gather personal information about other individuals adopting illegal ways

      • To cause damage to the Website, or impair it, or overburden it or disable its function completely or partially

      • To spider, scrape, crawl pretext, Phish, spam, spider, pharm; with illegal and immoral purpose;

      • To intervene in the security framework of the Website and its Services and also any other Website which is related, not related and the internet

      • To threaten others personally or has a similar effect of personally intimidating and threatening other Users.

      We have all the rights to act upon your actions and if necessary terminate your Service use or use of other Website which is related to illegal actions from your part. We as a Website has all the rights whatsoever to check and recheck contents that the Users have posted.Once You accept the Terms of Use You acknowledge the fact that in any circumstances the Website is not liable for the content control of whatsoever information that is uploaded on the Website either by the third party or by You. For this, it is You and the third party that has committed this is liable and responsible.If you do not have the right to upload any material or any specific material on the Website then you will not execute that(for example; materials under IP of other parties).

      Once You have reviewed this Website’s Term and Condition You give your consent to agree with all the laws and legal rules, statutes and comply with it. This includes that You will never involve in immoral activities like transmitting files, documents, texts, contents, materials, communication, chats, and materials and contents that is violating rules, abusive, interfering and confidential, derogatory, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, illegal, misleading, spying, spiteful, racist, objectionable, something that will incite criminal mindset, or arise liability of public and citizens, violate legal framework, locally, globally, nationally, internationally, provincially, or assist in using substances on which there is restriction.

      We at a certain point can remove, delete, modify, monitor, edit, and re-write contents and materials that we describe as offensive and illegal, threatening, dividing, derogatory, pornographic, obscene, attacks our Terms of Use and violates intellectual property with our sole discretion.

      You for whatsoever is the reason will not utilize our services with improper intentions and for an unlawful purpose, or violate laws that are under your jurisdiction (which includes copyright laws however not limited to only this law).

  7. Communication

    After You commit and accept the Terms of Services of this Website You comply by it and have no qualms about it. By accepting the terms you also accept that the Website at any point, wherever, whenever possible will contact with You through electronic modes i.e. emails, messages, phone calls to inform and notify you about our latest services and products offered by it or by other related websites according to your necessity. Also, the Website can post its notices on its Website. You agree to accept these communications and will not spam such communication or bulk them under legal scopes that are available in this country.

  8. Privacy Information

    You utilise or avail our services, certain information of yours will get recorded by us. Your accepting of our Terms of Service provide us with your consent to use your Personal Information in India and across the boundary where our worksextend.

    • Your personal information that will be stored by us after receiving or collecting: At the time you register with us an account is created which solely is yours. In the registeringprocess, You have to enter your name, address, information regarding billing. This information will be retained by us. Apart from this our Websitecollects your information based on your activities on our Website.There are external platforms from where we receive information about You which You use as a medium to access our Website. Also, through Web technologies, we receive information about you like the log files, web beacons, cookies,and clear gifs and others.

    • How the Website utilises your information:We are committed to providing genuine services to You and that provide the best services that are of absolute requirement to You. For the purpose of service customisation we work with the information we receive. Another purpose for collecting your passive information is to enhance our marketing analytics and this passive information can be received by us from third-party entities.

    • How your information can be protected by You:You can definitely control your information (mainly passive) from sharing with us and for this, You can disable the cookies and change your browser settings accordingly to stop sharing information. However, on doing this You must remember that the services quality might get affected. Also You must be aware even after the cookies are disabled we can still get information on You that have been provided to us such as your name, billing address and email address. Also after You terminate your account with us You must know that your information will stay with us.

  9. Risk Assumption

    We serve as a communicative Website which provides advises to students on different categories like medical, finance, legal and many such. However, You accept by accepting our Terms of Services that we do not take any sort of responsibility for the advice we provide. On this note, You should also note that we do not at any point create any fiduciary relationship with You and also the services You purchase from us is at your risk and we do not take any responsibility or liability of the services.

  10. Good sale and service provision

    Our services providing e-learning will be sold on the platform of www.learningandsolutions.com

    You agree that it is solely on our own discretion that we provide you with the service. At any point, if we feel that we will limit the ordered supply to You or cancel the order placed by per person, per order, per household we will do the same. Any orders whether from the same billing address, same shipping address, same account, will receive the same treatment. Sale of our services can be restricted on basis of geographical region or other basis based on our sole judgment and will differ from one case to other.

    We have all the rights to cancel any orders on our sole judgment of any individual or prohibit the orders placing by any distributors, resellers or dealers on our own judgment. If such a thing arises we will definitely inform You beforehand about the same.

    In case you are not satisfied with our service you can definitely contact us about the same and we will respond You. However, the complaint must be made within 7 working days and not beyond that.

    Purchasing our services gives you the privilege of watching the video for a maximum of 5 times (it will not matter which mode you have selected). For example: If you watch a video of 10 minutes then you can watch it maximum for 50 minutes.

  11. Security and Engineering reverse

    By reviewing and visiting our Terms of Use, you agree that you will not take any such actions mentioned below;

    • You accept not to attempt any kind of reverse engineering process on our Website and Services and not modify, edit, dissimulate any type of codes on our Website and Services;

    • You will not adopt any unfair means to access the Website and Services which is unauthorised and not threaten and not violate the security framework on which the Website operates. Also, you should not intervene into tools used for security purpose, or encryption, data mining, or any host, network or user.

  12. Data loss

    We are not responsible for any kind of data loss that you suffer after availing our services. You must operate our services with your own responsibility.

  13. Indemnification

    You must avail our services by agreeing that You give your assent of indemnifying the Website and it associates when legal situation arrives for your action and illegal use of our Website and Services which includes the attorney’s fee. You approve of the fact that the Owner in such a situation will have the right to select any legal procedure and counseling and have the right to take part to defend itself based on its own discretion.

  14. Spam policy

    By agreeing to our Terms of Use you agree that you do not have any right to illegal spam of emails sent by the Website, Owner services or its associates which includes the action of collecting email address or information which is sensitive and also prohibited from sending any mass mail of commercials to others.

  15. Links and contents from third-party

    For service purposes, the Owner may post links on third-party websites. You accept that the Owner is not responsible for any loss caused to You for using the links.

  16. Alteration and modification

    All the rights to modify and verify the Terms of Useare reserved with the Owner. At any point of time, the Owner will edit, change, modify, and bring variation to the Terms of Use on which this Website operates. You give your consent to the fact that Owners has all the modifying of Terms of Use rights whenever it thinks fit. Also, updated Terms of Use will soon be put into effect immediately after it is posted on the Website. The updated versions of the Terms if any will get replaced by the newly updated terms.

    • If any subpart or part of these services terms is made invalid due to court’s order, You as User must be sure and agree that prior to it became invalid and ineffective it was fully into effect and will apply for the previous cases until it was declared not applicable.

    • It is a responsibility as User to check the Service terms frequently and get updated on the new changes and modification of the term.Also, you must make it a point to delete your cache files in order to get the view of the updated version of these newly updated terms. Your continuing association with the Website signifies your continued acceptance of these Terms.

    • If at any point if you fail to stay updated and briefed about the newly updated service terms when you consider that this kind faults on your parts will be held as an affirmative waiver against your privilege of reviewing the updated agreement.

  17. Overall Agreement

    The Terms of Use which is the agreement between the different parties involved with this Website constitutes a wholesome understanding of all the relations and terms exchanged between parties. The agreement in every respect replaces all kinds of previous agreements, written, oral understandings in regard to this Website.

  18. Service Interruptions

    At times for the purpose of Website maintenance,it is necessary for us to temporarily interrupt your service to initiate the maintenance work. By agreeing to our Terms you provide the consent that such interruptions can cause sudden hindrance and delay for providing a better service. However, for this the Owner will not be liable and responsible in any way whatsoever.

  19. Cancellation, Suspension of Terms

    Due to reasons known/unknown, the Owner has all the right to cancel, suspend Terms of Service that you have been provided with. If you violate the terms the owner can reject the terms, if you violate the rights under intellectual property of the Owner, the intellectual property right of other third parties, also not complying by the legal obligations and uploading unlawful material also with lead to termination of your Terms. Also, you have the right to cancel the orders that you have placed with us and you are an authorized user of this Website by contacting with us and forwarding the request of termination. However, it is to be noted by you that any due fees need to be cleared and will not be waived with the account termination. Few terms of Use which is implemented and stays effective beyond such account termination will still stay effective and will not cease to be applicable in the future.

  20. No Warranties

    When you apply to register at this Website and avail service you agree to the Terms and Services which binds your actions end-to-end. This agreement declares that You use this Website at your own risk and us, the Owner is not liable in any way for your actions.This is because our services are provided on “As Is” basis. By declaring this the Owner nullifies any kind of warranties from our end like it includes implied warranties but not limited to implied warranties and other warranties as well like implied warranty in regard to fitness or merchantability. The Websites do not take any responsibility of checking whether the website services are fulfilling your needs or do not provide any warranties for that to the Users. Also, the Owner does not provide any warranty for the accuracy and authenticity of the services provided by the Website. For any kind of loss that you go through caused by using this Website and Services is on You and it is only your responsibility and does not make the Owner or the Website Liable for it.

    The software, services, information, products,and other presentational graphics or other graphics that are on the Website are provided on the basis of “As Available” and “As Is” and is absolutely warranty less of any kind. The Website declares that it does not entitle any users of the services on this Website toany kind of warranties without any kind limitation. All kinds of warranties that is possible like title warranty, infringement warranty, warranty for fitness, usage warranty, trade practice warranty, fitness warranty, course dealing warranty, merchantability warranties have no existence on our website and is not provided to any Users with that. The company or Website also does not make any representation of the information used by the Website and its authenticity. Also, availing services and products of any kind by this Website do not signify that the company is recommending the product or services and also do not endorsements any products or services.

    Also, this Website does not give a guarantee that the service You will receive will be interruption free, or prompt, secure or glitch free and error free. You agree with the Terms of Services that you operate, visit, register, avail, and subscribe to our services with your own responsibility and risk. We are not liable at all.

    It is on you and your own risk when you avail our services like materials, or documents, information that is offered by this Website and is taken from this Website. No ways are we responsible for any untoward situations and also it is your responsibilityto check whether obtained data and services meet your needs.

    It is not the responsibility of the Website to ensure relevancy, authenticity, completeness of the opinions, information, views, advice that it produces, offers, through materials, and contents on the Website platform. Also, the Website does not guarantee the correctness of the information of the third party because the Website does not check, scrutinise any materials of the Third-party and so is not responsible for it anyway. Messages, advertisements, sounds, images, graphics, files, videos, other materials must be used carefully used by users and are the responsibility of the third-parties or individuals from whom the content has generated. This Website is not responsible for any Content that is on its platform.

    There are chances that we unintentionally commit errors while uploading information or content on our Website. This can consist of several errors like typographical errors or omission of information partially or fully in regard to the description of products while doing promotion, price information omission, transiting times, shipping charges for the product, delivery charges of products, delivery time, and product availability. All these kinds of errors may be corrected at right time or when the Website spots it or when it deems to be fit. If such an error is spotted we will cancel an order or update the information or may change it in absence of any prior notice (which includes the time post to your order placing).

    The Website acts upon the printed error mistakes in the information only when it finds it is right time to do and when it is a legal requirement. Apart from this, we have no obligation to act instantly on the printed mistakes. There is scheduled the time to amend the error or to update it, or clarify it of the Services or any other Website’s which is related and this includes the information about price. We do not make any such declaration that the errors will be updated with accurate information in our scheduled update.

    In no way, the Website is responsible in regards to communication or chats initiated by you or others between You and other subscribers of this Website. The Website, in this case, declares that for any kind of exchanges that happens between two parties like information exchange, goods exchange, content exchange or services exchange, or any kind of spiteful activities is caused, or any damage caused it is not to be held liable in such cases. Also, there is no obligation on the part of the Website to participate in any conflicts or dispute that may arise due to such communications. Here, You have to leave the Website as a distinct entity and not to involve the Website in all such cases.

    While the Website uses high-end safety measures to make the Website a safe place,however, we do not guarantee any degree of safety on this Website. And that the services and materials available to You through our Website is hack-proof or 100% safe to use. By agreeing to our Terms you agree that the Website is not liable or responsible for any sudden unlawful accessby miscreants and which can cause data alteration which is received or to is received by You, material alteration, transaction information modification, data in transmission alteration.

    In cases of hacking, or any kind loss or damages caused to You in lieu of unauthorised access by miscreants and third-parties or for harmful information which has been sent to You or for spam messages sent to you from unknown Third-parties (this includes messages which have been sent to you in the name of the Website but actually done by other third-party)which violates all the policies and terms of the Website and disturbs the sanctity of the Website and this does not make the Website liable for whatsoever reason.

    You agree to the fact this Website is not at all to be held responsible for any kind of racist, gender biased, anti-socialistic, offensive, illegal, obscene, derogatory or defamatory conduct and contents that belongs to and uploaded by other third-parties or for infringing into the rights of others which includes rights under intellectual property. This signifies that the company is not at all takes any responsibility of other website’s or any third party’s (related or not) conduct.

    The Website does not deal with any kind of liability and has no provision to refund when there is a service delay, force majeure, cancellation, rejection, strike, or any kind of causes that interfere with the services of the Website which are beyond any control of the Website. The Website also does not have any responsibility for any governmental or authoritative acts, omissions, additional expenses or delays.

    For any types of damages caused to your computer or You suffered loss which is caused by information downloading it will be You the only person who will be responsible for such incidents. However, due to legal jurisdiction above mentioned warranties cannot be waived off and thus, warranties may get applied to in your case.

    You agree by agreeing to the Terms of Services that the Website has no responsibility for any kind of incidental, indirect, direct, special, punitive, or damages which are consequential which further includes data loss, profit loss, which is generated due to the Websites connection or workings or utilities, delays in service or service inability or unable to deliver the information, services, graphics related issues, software that is availed from the website, also for any kind of communication between two parties, or any damages occurred for the information present on the Website, that is based on negligence, contract, tort, stringent liability or any other ways, which includes situations where the suppliers or affiliates previously has been warned about it or informed about the potential damages.Applying all the limitation mentioned above the company is found liable for any kind of damage or loss that is caused due to an issue that is related with the Website use, or/and service provision, then the liability amount or percentage will be maximum of 50%( fifty percent) based on the amount that has been settled by you for any kind of exchange transactions in such cases which is done on this platform.

    It is granted that by accepting our Terms of Service you accept all types of responsibility in order to distance the company and declare it is harmless against and from, your actions or actions committed by any authorized person in order to use and access your account. This includes although not limited to passwords disclosing and sharing with the third-party entities. As you our Website and Services you do not hold responsible any parties and indemnify them and also defend them for all sorts of liabilities occurred due to your use of our website or other related websites.At any point if you feel not satisfied enough to use our Website or the Services that we provide, or you do not agree to be bonded by our Terms of Services or you are dissatisfied with any part, the only option or remedy you have to free from all this is to put a stop to all your actions on our Website i.e. do not continue using our website.

  21. Liability Limitation

    The Terms of Services declares that any damages that have occurred to you due to availing our services do not make the Owner responsible in any way whatsoever this is declaration has been clarified with all laws. Also, the maximum amount of liability that an Owner can owe to the User is not any greater amount than Rs 1000 (Rupees One Thousand only)and in exceptional cases the amount that you have last paid to the Owner which can arise from situations including but not limited to frauds, negligence, punitive damage, lost profits, strict liability or revenue.

  22. Usual Provisions


      Every kind of communication is communicated through the English Language whether notices were given or communicated through any other ways


      Through the use of our Website and Services that we provide to you binds you to the legal framework of this country India. Thus, matters related to any kind of disputes and others which are mainly produced by the use of our Terms of Service, or any type conflicts between the Owner and the User will be the subject of Indian Laws with exception of law conflict provisions. The cases of litigation that is allowed under these particular set of Terms of Service arises, in face of such situations the Parties need to oblige by the exclusive jurisdiction under the Karol Bagh courts of India. You have to acknowledge that this is not a choice of venue, law,and jurisdiction but a mandatory rule and have to be obliged. By agreeing to this You already waive any kind right to object selecting a venue, and kind of non-convenience doctrine of forum assertion or any other kind of similar doctrine.


      According to the Agreement, no part of the assignment can be reproduced or transferred, sold, re-published, leased, assigned by You. By the Terms of Services, the Owner grants limited rights by availing you the service and binds you to the agreement as it is assigned to you, sold to you, transferred to you.


      At any point, if any part of these Terms of Service ceases to act as is supposed by the legal order or arbitrator who is competent, it must be acknowledged that only the part that has been declared invalid has ceased to exist but the other parts and sub-parts of the Terms of Servicecontinue to exist.


      If in any case, we are at fault to make any parts or sub-part of the Terms of Service enforceable, this will definitely not signify a future waiver of any sort of that provision or other provisions. Also, particular sub-part that is waived will signify that only that particular part is waived and not other parts-or subpart has been waived.


      Remember that headings that are used for any parts of these Terms of Service are only used for the purpose of convenience and not used to change/modify/edit the meaning of the provisions by any degree of these Terms of Service.


      By the agreement of these Terms of Service between parties does not signify or create any sort of partnership or joint venture or agency between the parties.


      The Agreement declares that the Owner of the Website is not in any way liable to the failure of any sorts which is beyond the Website’s control including but not defined or restricted to this few like civil authorities act, God’s acts, military authority acts, riots, natural disaster, future unpredictable disasters, embargoes.


      Communication initiated through electronic mode is allowed for both the Owner and User according to the Terms of Service, which includes email, fax. For any kind of further inquiry You can contact us, our address is info@learningandsolutions.com.