Privacy Policy

This website ensures best services to you in all spheres. For this, it becomes necessary for the website to gather personal information from you to understand you better. This privacy policy of ours elaborates on how we utilise this information and how our high-end protecting measures guard your personal information against all threats.

Whenever you land on our website all your actions on this website are bound by our policies.We collect information such as your IP address using which you are accessing our website, information on your regular weblog like the browser type that you are using, web pages visited by you on our website.At the time you register with our website and create an account with us we ask for necessary information on a personal level,for example, your name, your address, contact number, email address, payment related financial information,and student related information. Other than this, when you avail our services we gather information on every transaction made by you, transaction amount, service description, payment mode, service user’s name. Device information with which you access our services is also collected by us to ensure security and safety and fraud prevention. We also gather information about you from third parties to ensure authenticity of the information provided by you, this is executed to avert and protect you from any security threats. For instances, we may ensure the authenticity of the card related information provided by you and for this, we take the help of fraud detecting and card screening and authorization services. On surveypurpose, we may gather the data provided by you to our customer care. On your visit to our website, we may send you a “session pack” to your device which helps us to acknowledge you if you have browsed and visited multiple pages in the same session. This is undertaken by our website to not request you for passwords each time you access a webpage, also this ‘pack’ expires once you log yourself out from our website. A long-lasting version of this ‘pack’ is used at other points like when you log in to our website we display your email address or website’s sign-in form this saves your time eliminating the need of re-entering the email id. This “session pack” can be definitelyrejected by you if your browser enables you to do that, however, this kind of action can meddle with the quality of services that we provide you with.

Data storage and protection

We store data after collecting from you on our devices and we adapt high-end security measures to protect the data from data theft or data corruption. We protect data by using procedural, physical and electronic safeguards. We also use data encryption, multi-level authentication,and firewalls for logging. We implement accessing limit for the personal data you have shared with us in accordance with our employee’s job requirement for providing you the service.

Confidential data shared aboutchildren

We lend extra care for the data shared by our little users who are 13 and below 13 years of age and we safeguard their information with high protection. As a serviceprovider, it is our responsibility to abide by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and we comply by it completely. Our website does not gather any sort of personal information about a child from the child but their parents and guardians (you) or from the child’s respective school when he/she is registered with It must be noted by you that educational information of a child under no circumstance is shared by our website complying by state/ federal laws. However, we will only use the personal data to serve you with our services, help you with your requests, do the transactions and send the transaction notice to you, solving disputes, troubleshoot problems and collect fees, we also avert illegal activities, implement the policy of user agreement, enhance our services, and do service comparison for better authenticity and verify its originality.

Sharing of personal data with third parties

When it becomes a necessity to share your information with third parties, we assure you that we only share your information with entities and companies which we will acquire or have acquired or with companies with which we will merge in recent future or have merged (also we ensure that the entities with which we will share your personal data is/will comply with our privacy policy if otherwise, we will inform you with prior notice during such instances).

Apart from this, we oblige by the rules of the land and that is why we are bound to share your personal information with the government or legal bodies or other third parties in exceptional instances when we are served with a legal notice against you. By doing this we ensure fair practices and absolute transparent business practices, also we believe sharing information withgood intention in such instances averts unwanted events like a financial loss, illegal activity or any violation or threats against our User Agreement.

It is also important for you to note that this company is/will not sell information to any third party for whatsoever reason. We have the sole right to amend the policies whenever we think it is fit and right we will do it and upload it.For further queries, you can contact our help-desk anytime.

Copyright issue

If you find any kind of content that is yours and you own it is on the platform of without yourawareness or without your sole permission you can contact us with authentic evidence against it and request our team to remove the same.